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First it is Biblical.  In Acts 2:41-42 we read that 3,000 trusted Christ as Savior, and immediately they were baptized and added to the membership of the early church.  Second, we believe that every believer should know their purpose in life, which includes ministry to others. Members are given more opportunities for service in our church.  Thirdly, our members are assigned to a deacon for family ministry.  We give priority to ministering to our own members over non-members (Galatians 6:10). 

Membership usually involves a greater motive for commitment to the Lord's Church and only members can vote in church business meetings.

The following are some actual reasons why our new members joined our church (according to a 2006 new member questionnaire):

1) The warm & welcoming attitude of the church.
2) Small "homelike" atmosphere.
3) Sincere friendly Christians and a Sunday School class of strong, prayerful, caring women.
4) A wonderful S.S. class and a wonderful fellowship.
5) Depth of sermons.
6) The church has a vision for the future, and has set goals.
7) Good Bible preaching & teaching.
8) The love of the people here.
9) Wonderful youth program.
10) We were looking for a Christ-centered church.
11) Young adult S.S. class.
12) Worship style.
13) Good but not loud music program.  


1) The first requirement of membership is a salvation experience.  Baptists believe that only born-again Christians should make up the membership of a local church.  See Our Message to learn about how to trust Christ as Savior.

2) The next requirement is believer's baptism by immersion.  Baptists believe that only believers are proper candidates for baptism.  There are no examples in the New Testament of anyone but professed believers being baptized.  We also believe that immersion is the proper mode of baptism. The New Testament Greek word for "baptize" (baptidzo) means "to immerse" or "to dip."  It is the only mode of baptism that pictures what Christ did to save us (His death, burial, & resurrection).  It also pictures that the believer has died to sin, and been raised to walk in newness of life (Romans 6:1-6).

3) If you share our basic doctrinal beliefs and our commitment to the Lord Jesus (see our Core Values statement), and if you sense a leading of the Holy Spirit to join our church, then we would certainly welcome you as a member in our church.  Any baptized believer in Christ may join our church by presenting themselves for membership during "the invitation" at the close of a Sunday worship service. If your membership is available for transfer from a church of like faith & practice, you may join by transfer of letter.  If you have met the first two conditions of saving faith & baptism, but cannot join by transfer of letter, then you may join by your personal statement of your Christian faith & baptism. Before you join, you may also want to check out our church Goals to see where we are heading as a church.


Everyone is welcome to attend Sunday School (Bible Study Fellowship), worship services, and other special events regardless of your status as a member.  You may attend months or even years as a non-member.

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