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The Parish Nurse ministers to her congregation and community by promoting faith, healing and health.

The Parish Nurse is:

A Health Educator- educates through lectures, seminars, workshops, classes, screenings and discussion groups. Instructs in specific areas such as diets and proper nutrition relating to the personís illness/disease.

A Health Counselor- At the clientís request will answer questions concerning medications or physical problems that may not require a doctorís immediate attention.  By integrating faith and health, the Parish Nurse counsels the congregation on issues such as AIDS, sex, violence, disability, safety, and ethics.
A Health Promoter- focuses on disease prevention such as accidents, cancer, heart disease, and strokes, the four leading causes of death.

A Health Equipment Instructor- Instructs the diabetic in the use of an accucheck (glucose) machine, and emphasizes the importance of accurate reading and treatment.

  • The Parish Nurse, whenever informed and available, assists with ministry visits in homes, nursing homes, hospitals, funerals. 
  • The Parish Nurse provides support and encouragement by listening perceptively, sharing scripture, praying and being present in crisis or death. 
  • The Parish Nurse, as a member of NCCA, provides individual Christian counseling. Ex: abuse, bereavement, women with marital problems, stress, depression, addiction, and terminal illness.
  • The Parish Nurse is a liaison with other community services, making referrals and getting people involved in support group


Our Parish Nurse is Barbara Wheelhouse. She has worked in all areas of the medical field over her 36 years as a nurse. She worked in the following specialties during this time: Surgery, Recovery, Oncology, Home health, ER, ICU, Orthopedics, Medical/ Surgical Office Manager, Burn and Kidney Transplant Units, Med-Surg, Detox, Psych, Gerontology, and Hospice. These broad varieties of experiences are now put to use in her Parish Nurse Ministry at Swift Creek Baptist Church. She has completed and is certified as a Christian Counselor and as a Parish Nurse. Her heart is in the Parish Nurse Ministry where she promotes faith, healing and health to the condition of the body, mind and spirit.

 SCBC Parish Nurse,
Barbara Wheelhouse RN
(H) 526-9259
(C) 536-1003
Church Office- 520-1211


As an RN, the Parish Nurse has one foot in the sciences and one in humanity, one foot in the spiritual world and one in the physical world, giving her a greater insight into the human condition, which is often lacking in the doctors. The doctors see their patient with tunnel vision, only focusing on the physical problem. The doctors may ask questions specific to the patientís physical symptom or complaint, often leaving the patient with the feelings of confusion, frustration, and insignificance. Where the patient thinks there is no hope for them, the Parish Nurse can comfort and reduce any fears the patient may have. She is a listener, as well as an advocate, intervening on behalf of the patient whenever there is a need, explaining to the doctor other concerns of the patient and explaining to the patient what the doctor has just said  (i.e., patients cease listening after the word cancer is mentioned with their diagnosis).

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